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Mesa Electrician Commercial & Residential LED Lighting Retrofits & Installation

Mesa AZ Commercial & Residential LED Lighting Retrofits & Installation

Mesa AZ Electrician Commercial & Residential LED Lighting Retrofits & Installation

Go green today with our new LED bulbs! Switching to LED bulbs is a great lighting option for our customers because of their lower wattage usage which is more eco-friendly! LED bulbs features lower wattage, no heat, no mercury, and uniform lighting which gives you an all-around better lighting solution for your home or business!

Mesa Electrician Now offers LED lighting installation and replacement for both residential and commercial buildings! Not only do we do new installs but you may convert to an energy efficient home or business with our LED Retrofitting Installation in Mesa.

Our LED Retrofitting in Mesa, AZ can provide many great benefits for your business or home! LED Lighting has extremely low energy costs which results in significant savings each month.

Along with LED lighting being energy efficient, they also put off high levels of light with multiple options in color! Because of this, LED lights can provide a lot of light at a low cost along with a comfortable environment due to their high lumen output. Others features and major benefits of LEDs include:

  • Instant on & Noise-free
  • NO mercury
  • Recyclable
  • Uniform lighting
  • Energy Saving
  • Environment friendly
  • No heat
  • Imitates uniformity of sun light
  • No ballast needed
  • Improved lower temperature
  • Long life
  • Safe for use around food.

When you hire Mesa Electrician Now you will be provided with many LED lighting options for your project. LEDs have great reasons to switch to a more eco-friendly lighting solution. These lighting options can be used for whole room lighting, accent lights, closet lights and more.

Why should you choose Mesa Electrician Now for your electrical remodel or Additions project?

  1. Licensed & Insured – All of the work performed is done by a licensed & insured electrician
  2. Options – We offer upgraded panels/breakers.
  3. Quality – We stand behind the quality of our work.
  4. Speed – We are mindful when it comes to down time.
  5. Warranty – Ask about our warranties.
  6. Surge Protection – A must have for any home.

Commercial & Residential LED Lighting Retrofits & Installation

Become eco-friendly today with our LED Retrofitting Installation in Mesa. Mesa Electrician Now will help your home or company go into eco mode with cost efficient and energy saving LED Lighting. Because of the long life of these bulbs, you’ll save money on maintenance costs, and reduce your carbon imprint on the environment at the same time!

Give Mesa Electrician Now a  call today to speak with a licensed professional who can answer any preliminary questions you may have about commercial electrical systems and arrange for one of our technicians to visit the site and assess your needs. Choose to use Mesa Electrician Now for all of your electrical installation needs.

Call Mesa Electrician Now today to schedule your Dedicated Electrical Circuit Installation today.